Farm news

Check back here for updates on crops growing at WinterGreens Farm.

March 2018:
Currently, our layer hens are providing ample eggs and the ducks are just getting started.
Sales of storage crops are winding down (we have some garlic left). Still have a good supply of catnip for our feline customers as well as our WinterGreens Tea Series with farm-grown herbal teas. Other items from our farm kitchen include jams and breakfast granola.

And we make sure to never run out of those oh-so-addictive granola moons



Our hardy kiwis are going through their third winter and we’re curious to see how they survived. This summer its time for them to start fruiting for the first time and bear their deliciously sweet fruit. fingers crossed! Our farm is part of a UNH breeding program for the development of new hardy kiwi varieties.