Going solar

We're now a solar powered farm! Last summer, we installed a 6.2 kw solar system - enough to power our personal use plus all we need for the farm and have some room to grow. From providing light and heat for our seedlings, to refrigerating our produce, or pumping water - its all done by the power of the sun. Our dream: to convert the tractor to an electric vehicle. And the wood splitter. So many possibilities.

What’s going on around the farm?

From last year’s drought to this year’s over-abundance of rain… nature sure knows how to dish it out! Despite a slow start due to the cool, rainy spring things are now growing profusely with all that water supply and warmer temps. We’re still enjoying a bumper harvest of asparagus and rhubarb, and the blueberries have set berries like you wouldn’t believe 🙂

2017 season

The exciting news is that we are expanding our asparagus beds! We planted about 130 seedlings in two raised beds which were off to a good start this coll and wet spring Gotta be patient: it’s 3 years until the first harvest. Worth the wait, though.
And: in addition to our trusty flock of laying hens we we now also have ducks. You should try their eggs some time – they’re big with huge egg yolks and come packed with essential nutrients.